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Biting Policy

Every effort is made to prevent biting in the classroom. However, as Early Childhood Educators, we understand that biting is a normal part of some children’s development.

In order to meet the needs of all children in the classroom, we adhere to the following biting policy.



When a child bites another child for the first time, attention will immediately be given to the injured child.

This not only addresses the needs of the bitten child, but also signals to the biting child that biting is an ineffective way to gain attention.

Once the bitten child is settled, the teacher will then explain to the biting child that biting is hurtful and is not permitted and will redirect the child to another activity.



In the instance a child bites two times in one day, the same protocol is followed, except the biting child is removed from the classroom.

The parent is contacted and, if staff are available, the parent can choose at the family’s expense to provide for a one-on-one caregiver for the remainder of the day.

Alternatively, the parent may choose to pick up the child from school for the day. The biting child may return as normal the next day.



If a child bites a third time in a month’s period, the child may not be able to return to school until an individual guidance plan is agreed upon and implemented.

This plan must include, at the family’s expense, a one-on-one caregiver that is responsible to observe the biting child at all times while in the classroom with other children.

Alternatively, the family may choose to disenroll the child until the biting phase has passed.

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